How to get started with Snapchat

Snapchat is fun. The etherial social media media app has risen from a simple selfie swapping app to a fully fledged social media channel in it’s own right, allowing users to string together still images and 10sec video clips into mini episodes called Stories. Just like a TV show, these Stories are broadcast for a period of 24 hours, allowing fans and friends to view them for a short time before...

Snapchat is booming in the moment

If you thought Snapchat was just a face-swapping selfie-app for kids then think again. This etherial social media App is booming with 1 million new active Australian users in the past 9 months and the largest growing user group are the hip and fashionable 18-35s. Snapchat has already overtaken Twitter and is closing the gap with Instagram. It’s even trumped Facebook by the sheer number of video...