Masterful Web Design: How To Craft Your Perfect Website

Creating a website is akin to embarking on a thrilling journey, where your digital presence takes shape and comes to life. Over the past decade, we’ve been immersed in the ever-evolving world of website design. Starting from the nascent stages of WordPress 1.0, we’ve witnessed its transformation into the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). Our expertise lies in...

Why you need to get serious about your WordPress host

Update 2023: We still work with and recommend both Flywheel and WPEngine for WordPress Hosting. We also partnered with Google Cloud (the backbone of the internet) and offer a range of hosting, maintenance and support plans, that can be centrally controlled from your Digital Toolkit. Fred Porter, Agent Digital I wrote this blog originally back in 2018, and thought it would be a good time to tell...

The best host for WordPress

When it comes to WordPress hosting, you really do get what you pay for. I’m often called upon to help when things go wrong, like when the site goes down, becomes unresponsive or slow to load. Sometimes it’s been hacked. The most common I see is SQL injection which corrupts the database and makes it almost impossible to recover without a complete rebuild. More often than not, the WordPress...