Meet Fred

Owner -Fred Porter
Fred Porter of Agent Digital Pty. Ltd. Photo by Sarah Keayes (The Photo Pitch) courtesy The Connect Agency.

Fred Porter has had a successful career in media and entertainment for more than 20 years. After completing his education at Murdoch University in Perth, his professional journey began in Sydney, where he first got a taste of the marketing machine behind music, hospitality and major events. His passion for arts and entertainment led him to manage independent live acts, taking him to Europe, the United States, most of Asia and back. Eventually, Fred settled in Melbourne and played a pivotal role in building one of Australia’s fastest-growing entertainment companies.

Fred has lead the way when it comes to marketing, promotion and digital transformation. He has contributed to the evolution of digital technologies in marketing, focusing on automating processes, collecting data, enhancing user experiences, and delivering successful outcomes for both major brands and small businesses.

Forever the philanthropist, Fred is also known for his community work and as one of the original founders of Echo Nation, a registered Australian Charity with tax-deductible status, run entirely by volunteers and dedicated to making a positive impact on the world around us.

When he is not in the matrix, Fred enjoys travel, an active lifestyle, good food and company. He has a passion for art and music, and seeks out any opportunity that allows him to combine his love for entertainment and digital marketing. Fred possesses an (often underestimated) ability to assess and navigate obstacles for the greater good, and is a strong believer in the concept of social enterprise, that is: it is possible to make money while simultaneously doing good things.

By embracing technology and automating repetitive tasks, with the right machine learning and support from humans in place, Fred is living proof that it is possible to excel in multiple areas and still have time for a flexible and fulfilling life.