What if you #cantevenhashtag

Hashtags are everywhere on social media, but many people don’t really get them. Think of a hashtag as a topic, a way to group posts with a similar theme. You should create your own unique and memorable hashtag and use it regularly if you want to grow your audience on social media. Don’t forget to click on it and check the place it takes you, are there other posts there? Do they relate? Do you really want to be there?

Get specific with your hashtag. Tagging your post with a couple of generic hashtags like #big #love is not going to be very effective, the definitions are too broad. You’d be better off with a single, specific hashtag like #biglovesunday if that’s the kind of thing your are into. Hashtags work on most social networks, but they were invented by Twitter, so tag your content and tweet often. When people engage with you, make sure you engage back.

Don’t go crazy with the hashtags, best practice is use no more than two in a post, and make sure you are actually tagging something: a post with hashtags only, no content, means nothing. Unless your trying to be ironic, a hashtag that you make up and use only once isn’t going to do anything either. Are you sure you want to bring #yetanotherstupidhashtag into this world?

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