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Ever wanted to know how to build, launch and measure your own Facebook advertising campaigns? Learn how in my free 7 day course on YouTube. Suitable for beginners to intermediate level marketers.

Hello, I’m Fred Porter and I’ve been running ads on Facebook since they were first a thing. With a career in marketing spanning more than two decades, I have helped people all over the world succeed at Facebook Advertising. Thankfully, I enjoy breaking technical subject matter into easy-to-digest modules for all levels.

Let me give you everything you need to advertise on Facebook, including practical demonstrations, real life examples, campaign reviews, planners, checklists and a whole lot more.

Facebook Ads Made Easy

Free Downloads

Cement your knowledge with downloadable handouts, planners and checklists. Keep them as a handy reference guide.

Bonus Materials

Know the latest changes and techniques with updated bonus training modules and campaign reviews.

12+ Lessons

Simple, step-by-step, daily video lessons delivered completely free on YouTube, so you make real progress, starting today!

Join hundreds of happy students who have mastered the art of Facebook advertising.

What people are saying…

Straight forward and easy. Fred has a thorough understanding of digital marketing and demystifies the world of Facebook advertising.

Dani Byrnes

Fred has really assisted me with my Facebook Ad campaigns. Understanding pixel conversions has helped me make sense of what’s working and what’s not.

Emma Wild

I just completed the Agent Digital Facebook Courses. The information was so clear and concise. Fred has a great way of explaining things, and the course was so useful.

Naomi Dorland

Your Free Lessons

As this program is a couple of years old now, I’ve added it to YouTube for free. It is completely self-paced and you can go back and access it for as long as you like. Expect to see an updated program launch in the near future.

Day 1. Introduction

Learn how Facebook’s algorithm works and why you should be prepared to pay, even just a little, for Facebook Ads. Check your Facebook page settings, and learn best practices for both paid and organic reach. Introduction to Facebook Business Manager and how to get started.

Day 2. Getting started

Why a good Landing Page is important for the success of your campaign. What does the Facebook Pixel do and how to install it.

Day 3. Ads

What makes a good Facebook ad? Get tips for ad writing and examples of good ads. Learn the common mistakes people make when writing ad copy and get tips to ensure your ads get approved.

Day 4. Audiences

Take the time to setup your audiences before you build your first campaign. What are all the different targeting options? Download my useful Audience and Campaign Planner.

Day 5. Campaigns

Learn the simple elements that every campaign has, and how to layer them to create a complex campaign. Understand ad formats and objectives and how to set your budget. Then watch step-by-step as I build and explain a  campaigns.

Day 6. Results

Know your metrics and if your results are good (or not). See samples results and watch as I show you how to breakdown campaign performance.

Day 7. Bonus update

Learn about recent changes and tools to help you with your social media. Access additional resources and campaign reviews.

Learn Facebook Ads

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Fred Porter

Fred has played a key role in brand marketing and digital transformation for more than two decades.

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