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We’re always going on about the need to create unique and engaging content, for the simple reason that you want to reach more people. You’ve only got moments to catch your potential readers attention, and for that you’re going to need to right headline.

Here are 3 awesome (and free) online services that can do some of the hard work for you, reassure you that you are on the right track or make you laugh, depending on the result.

1. Know what you what to write about but not sure how? The Blog Topic Generator is a great place to start, just type in some keywords, preferably nouns, and this little beauty will go to work and generate a list of potential headlines for you. Find one you like and half the work of writing the post has been done for you.

2. Feeling lazy or uninspired? Then just make a beeline for the Blog Post Ideas Generator because you don’t even need to come up with any keywords at all, just click Generate Idea and viola, here comes a little hook to get you started.

3. Already got a headline in mind? Whack it through the Headline Analyzer and get a detailed report and rating on how good it actually is, along with suggestions on how you can improve.

Entrepreneur, digital marketing and business growth expert Mike Giannulis wrote a really great piece called Statistics Prove These Content Headlines Get Results, and it’s well worth a read if you want to delve deeper into titles that can really work to capture attention.

With so many ways to maximise the visibility and share-ability of your content… why wouldn’t you use one, or all, of these tools?

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