5 Step Strategy to Increase your Bookings


Back in 2019 I produced this webinar designed to help small business target more customers in their local area. Despite cosmetic changes to Facebook and its advertising platform in 2020, the system still works and the information in the following video is still relevant today.

Let me show you exactly how we use the latest tools from Facebook to save time posting content and increase bookings at your local business.

OK, so this video is 25min long, but it’s great and well worth a watch… here’s what we cover in this video:

My proven 5 Step Strategy to increase your bookings from Facebook and Instagram.

The difference between posts and ads

Use the latest tools from Facebook to save time posting on social media and maximise your engagement.

Why you need to be prepared to pay (even just a little) for paid traffic.

The difference between engagement and traffic

How to turn all those likes, comments and shares into a stream of warm traffic direct to your website, ready to take action and buy from you.

How to find your people in your local area

Reduce wastage by targeting only those people in your local area who matter to you, and making sure you’re top of mind when they are ready to book and buy.

The hottest new ad formats and placements

What’s changed when it comes Facebook and Instagram Ads, and why you should be taking advantage of the latest formats and placement options.

How to make it all work together

How to create the perfect storm by bringing it all together. Engage and excite new customers and warm them up on their path to purchase.

Step Strategy to Increase your Bookings

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Fred Porter

Fred has played a key role in brand marketing and digital transformation for more than two decades.

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